Technical Updates

July 2, 2023
Starting with the most recent batch (51) we’ve introduced the following changes in the Microbiome reports:

  • The levels of all pathogens are now reported in Percent (range: 0-100%) instead of Proportion (range: 0-1). We hope this is a more intuitive unit, and this also makes the tankDNA and Microbiome reports express pathogens and parasites with the same units. 
    You can multiply pathogen levels from previous reports by 100 to compare them with the percent-based values in this and future reports. 
  • We’ve also added new information on the distribution of fish and coral pathogens, reporting these in the same format as the suspected coral pathogens. Specifically, for each type we now report the average and typical range for each pathogen so users can compare the levels in their tank with the levels we’ve found in other clients tanks. We also report the prevalence of each pathogen (i.e. how commonly do we detect it at all?)

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