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Order Microbiome and tankDNA tests together and save!
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Our core service – analyze the microbial community in your aquarium using DNA sequencing

  • Who's in there?

    Identify the microbes in your tank - the good and the bad - and measure their levels.

  • How does my tank compare?

    Compare your tank's microbiome with other aquariums to determine whether yours is normal or atypical.

  • What can I do about it?

    Develop a customized strategy for correcting any deficiencies in your tank's microbiome.

This new service sequences environmental DNA (eDNA) from your tank to analyze the eukaryotic (non-Bacterial) community, including common parasites and pests. 

  • Parasites hide in apparently healthy tanks

    Many tanks harbor parasites that cause diseases like Ich, Velvet, Uronema, and Brooklynellosis. Check yours before adding that expensive new fish or coral!

  • Identify nuisance algae

    No microscope needed - identify the kind of dinoflagellates or diatoms in your tank to develop an effective treatment plan

  • Diagnose diseases in the aquarium

    Identifying the cause of diseases or mortality can help you save the remaining fish and prevent future losses.

This new service from our partner Oceamo provides a research-grade laboratory analysis of your tank’s chemistry. Read more here…

  • ICP and more

    This service combines ICP, Ion Chromatography, Conductivity, Titration, and Spectrophotometry for accurate measurements of seawater chemistry

  • The parameters that matter

    Professional laboratory analysis of salinity, alkalinity, major ions, trace elements, nutrients, and pollutants in your tank

  • Personalized advice

    You don't have to be a chemist to use this service - each client receives customized advice for correcting issues with their aquarium's water chemistry

These supplements can be used to adjust the microbial community in your tank. Our selection is limited now, but watch for new developments in this area soon!

  • Natural Biodiversity From The Ocean

    Our Live Reef Rubble provides a diverse community containing hundreds of different kinds of microbes, along with a variety of invertebrates and coralline algae

  • No fish parasites

    All Live Reef Rubble is cultivated and maintained in fish-free systems to avoid possible exposure to fish parasites.

  • Tested by DNA Sequencing

    Each lot of Live Reef Rubble is tested for the full range of pathogens, parasites, and other unwanted organisms. This is the only Live Rock on the market that comes with a complete list of ingredients!

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