Sample Testing Schedule

Our testing operates in batches, so the time it takes to get your results depends on when you send us your sample. To get your data back as quickly as possible, you can ship your sample to us right before the deadline.

Microbiome & tankDNA Tests:

Middle and end of month

Samples arriving at our facility before these cutoff dates will be included in that batch. Samples arriving after these dates will be included in the next batch.

Microbiome & tankDNA Test Status

Batch numberSamples receivedStatusReports are expected (approximately)
Batch 62Nov 21 - Dec 8, 2023Accepting samplesDec 22, 2023
Batch 61Nov 1 - 20, 2023Processing in the labNov 30, 2023
Batch 60Oct 11 - 31, 2023Data in hand! Reports within 24 hours.Nov 24, 2023
You can find the status of your sample based on the date we received your sample at the lab (see the email notification to locate this date).

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