Discounted rates for multiple samples.

1 Sample             $99 each
2 Samples           $79 each
3+ Samples         $69 each

If you’d like to test larger numbers of samples, we can offer further discounts. Please contact us by email for more details. 

Testing schedules

Test once, or schedule repeated tests

($69 – $99 / sample)

Analyze one or more samples at once for a snapshot of the microbiome in your tank(s). 

  • Identify the microbes in your tank and measure their relative abundance
  • Compare your tank’s microbiome with other tanks’
  • Develop custom strategies for adjusting your tank’s microbiome

Before & After
($79 / sample)

Analyze one sample before you change something in your tank, then analyze another sample after the change. 

  • Test the effects of additives on your tank’s microbiome
  • Includes a detailed report comparing microbiome before and after the change
  • Pay for the first sample when you place the order, then order your second kit at the same rate anytime in the following 3 months.

($69 / sample)

Keep a close eye on your tank’s microbiome by analyzing monthly samples at this discounted rate. 

  • Directly measure changes in the microbial community as your tank cycles and matures
  • Monitor the microbiome as an early warning system for stress or disease
  • Includes a customized report on the changes in your tank’s microbiome over time
  • You’ll receive a monthly sampling kit and service charge until cancelled (after a minimum of 3 months).

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