How to sample your tank’s microbiome

  1. Sample microbes from your tank with our custom sampling kit.
  2. Register your sample online.
  3. Mail your sample to us in the prepaid envelope included with the kit.
Please read the instructions before you begin, and don’t open anything until instructed to. Only sample an undisturbed aquarium – begin this sampling process before any of your daily maintenance tasks, rather than afterwards.
    1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Open and put on a pair of gloves.

    2. Remove the syringe from its package, remove the cap, and draw 60 ml of water from the upper surface of your aquarium into the syringe.

    3. Open the filter cup, then attach the filter to the end of the syringe.

    4. Filter the microbes from your sample by gently pushing on the plunger to slowly expel water from the syringe. Go slowly (about 4 drops per second), so that it takes approximately 5 minutes to completely filter the sample.

    5. Open the plastic shipping tube and remove a tube of fixative. Turn the lid of the shipping tube upside down to serve as a cup, and pour the fixative into this cup.

    6. Remove the filter from the syringe, draw the fixative into the syringe, and replace the filter on the syringe. You will get air bubbles along with the fixative – this is normal and not a problem.

    7. Preserve your sample by gently pushing on the plunger to slowly expel the fixative from the syringe. Go slowly (about 1 drop per second).

    8. Open the sterile sample bag, remove the filter from the syringe, and place it in the sample bag. To seal the bag, hold the wire clips while folding the bag over the top twice, then fold the wire clips flat.

    9. Open the tube containing the sterile swab, and remove the swab from the transport tube using its handle.

    10. To sample your tank’s biofilm community, gently rub the swab on a submerged internal surface of an opaque pipe. (for example, the return pipe leading from your sump to your display). Avoid sampling surfaces that are directly exposed to light.

    11. Open the second tube of fixative, and briefly dip the swab in this fixative. Remove the swab, and allow it to air-dry for 2 minutes, then return it to the transport tube.

    12. Register your sample in our online database.

    13. Place both the sample bag and the swab transport tube in the prepaid shipping envelope included with the kit, and mail it back to us within the next 24 hours after sampling. If this is not convenient, store your sample frozen until you are ready to ship.

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