How long does it take to get my results?

The high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies that make this analysis possible require that we process samples in large batches (50-200 at a time). Because a sample received early in a batch may have to wait a while until the batch is complete, this can introduce delays.

You can generally expect to receive a detailed analysis of your sample within 4 weeks of its arrival at our facility. Depending on your position in the queue, you may receive your report a bit earlier or later than this.

If you’re curious about what’s happening with your sample while you wait, here is a brief explanation of what happens:

The way this technology works requires that we process samples in batches. So when we receive your sample, we extract the DNA, and prepare it for DNA sequencing. This takes about a week of hands-on time in the lab.

Then we send them to the DNA sequencing facility. This takes 1-2 weeks under normal conditions.

When sequencing is completed, they send us the raw data (~2 million DNA sequences). We run our programs to analyze the data, and within about 12 – 24 hours your report is ready. At that time, you’ll get an email with a link to your results.