What’s in a Microbiome Report?

What's in a Microbiome Report?

The Microbiome Test provides a detailed picture of the microbial community in your tank, by identifying DNA from any prokaryotes in your sample. The report includes information on

  • Diversity and composition of the community in your sample
  • Beneficial microbes like the Nitrifying community
  • Harmful pathogens that contribute to fish and coral disease

To view a complete example report, click here.

Each section in the report includes a diagnosis of your sample, with a link to suggestions for correcting any deficiencies we find.
The report compares the composition of your community with the typical reef tank community.
If your sample contains any bacterial families at higher than usual levels, the report provides extensive details on the composition of these families in your sample, and across our database of reef tank samples.
The report links to our Reef Tank Microbes DB, providing detailed information on each of these families of microbes. The example shown here is from our page on the common Bacterial family Vibrionaceae.
In many cases, the report includes specific recommendations for adjusting the levels of excess or deficienct families.
The report provides detailed information on your Nitrifying Community. This is one of the most important factors in establishing a new tank, and a surprisingly large fraction of tanks struggle with deficient Nitrifying communities (especially the Nitrite Oxidizing Bacteria).
We screen your sample for dozens of different pathogens of fish and corals, and if any are detected, the report highlights these and provides links to information about each group.

The bottom line: our Microbiome Test provides an unprecedented level of detail on the microbial community in your tank, including both beneficial microbes that are crucial to the success of a reef tank, and harmful pathogens that can kill fish or corals. 

Want to learn more? Click here to view a complete example report. 

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