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This is genuine, old-school live rock: a mixture of Pukani and Fiji live rock. Supplies are very limited. Although it is not fresh from the ocean, this is really nice material, the real thing — this is suitable for both establishing the tank’s microbiome and also building the aquascape.

We obtained this rock from an old tank without any record of parasites or diseases. For the past 6 months we’ve maintained these rocks in isolated fish-free systems to avoid fish parasites. We’ve inoculated each tank with coralline algae and cultured these rocks along with a diverse invertebrate cleanup crew.

Most importantly, after six months in culture we’ve tested each batch of rock using both Microbiome and tankDNA tests. This allows us to certify that each batch of rock includes:

  • A diverse microbial community
  • A complete nitrifying community including ammonia and nitrite oxidizers
  • No bacterial pathogens
  • No fish or coral parasites
  • No animal pests (e.g. Aiptasia)

This live rock is highly porous. A large piece (4 x 9 inches) can weigh 5 pounds or less. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Pieces range from 1-5 pounds in size; the pieces shown in these pictures range from 3 to 5 pounds. We sell it by the box – each box will include one larger piece and additional smaller pieces to reach the total weight (approximately 5 pounds per box).

Because this rock is alive inside and out, we ship it like other live invertebrates: submerged in seawater, in insulated packaging with heat packs to control the temperature.

  • By default we ship this 2-day, like soft corals and other invertebrates.
  • This 2-day shipping is FREE with no minimum order size.
  • You can upgrade to overnight shipping for an additional $25.

This product is sold by the box; each box (12″x9″x6″) holds about 5 pounds of rock (plus another 3-5 pounds of water). For reference, the product images shown here are rocks weighing from 3 to 5 pounds each.  


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