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Generated on: Sat Feb 18 09:27:38 2023

This report summarizes an analysis of eDNA (environmental DNA) in an aquarium water sample. Universal genetic markers were amplified from Eukaryotic DNA in the sample, and thousands of individual DNA molecules from this mixture were sequenced. Each sequence was then compared with public DNA databases to identify its origin. (You can read more about this method here).

This report summarizes the kinds of organisms detected in this sample, with a special focus on pathogens and parasites of concern in the saltwater aquarium industry and hobby. If you have any questions about this report, please check the FAQ.

Information about the sample

Sample ID 0000001
Sample Name Example
Tank Name My tank
Sample Date 12/22/2022 12:00


Parasite Disease Your level (Percentile) Prevalence
Uronema_marinum Uronema 0.03% (6.1) 9.76
Capsalidae Gill_flukes 0.03% (33.3) 0.44
Levels are expressed as percent of DNA sequences matching each source. Percentiles reflect the percent of samples in which this parasite was present at lower levels than your sample. Prevalence indicates the percent of samples tested that contained this parasite.
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Group Description Parasite Level
Amoebic_gill_disease Parasitic amoebae that infect fish gills Paramoeba_pemaquidensis
Brooklynella Ciliate parasites known to cause the fish disease Brooklynella Brooklynella_hostilis 0
Gill_flukes Flatworms (flukes) that parasitize fish gills Ancyrocephalidae
Marine_ich Ciliate parasites known to cause the fish disease Marine Ich Cryptocaryon_irritans 0
Marine_velvet Dinoflagellate parasite responsible for the fish disease Marine Velvet. Amyloodinium_ocellatum 0
Myxozoans Microscopic parasitic Cnidarians that infect fish, worms, and other invertebrates Myxozoa 0
Perkinsus Parasitic alveolates associated with Pinched Mantle Syndrome in giant clams. Perkinsus_olseni 0
Phestilla Coral-eating nudibranchs that feed on Montipora and other corals Phestilla 0
Prosthiostomum Coral-eating flatworms that feed on corals in the genus Acropora Prosthiostomum 0
Trichodina Parasitic ciliates responsible for the fish disease Trichodinosis Trichodina 0
Turbonilla Parasitic snails that infect giant clams. Turbonilla 0
Uronema Ciliate parasites known to cause Uronema (Scuticociliatosis) in fish Miamiensis_avidus
Uronema_suspects Ciliates suspected of causing Uronema (Scuticociliatosis) in fish Parauronema_virginianum


This sample contained low levels of DNA from dinoflagellates (2.4%) - this is normal and does not suggest a problem.
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Type Percent of eDNA Group Name
sq422 0.807 Amphidinium uncultured eukaryote
sq25 0.628 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq206 0.349 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq548 0.183 Amphidinium Amphidinium sp.
sq20591 0.052 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq107407 0.052 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq6352 0.044 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq979 0.035 Amphidinium Amphidinium sp.
sq105823 0.035 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq3921 0.031 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium minutum
sq115587 0.026 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium minutum
sq25298 0.022 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq15899 0.017 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq22887 0.013 Biecheleria uncultured eukaryote
sq41310 0.013 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq115800 0.013 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq115996 0.009 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq13192 0.004 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq109589 0.004 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq116058 0.004 Biecheleria uncultured eukaryote
sq116230 0.004 Pelagodinium Pelagodinium beii
sq116233 0.004 Amphidinium uncultured eukaryote
sq116496 0.004 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium minutum
sq116503 0.004 Pelagodinium Symbiodinium microadriaticum
sq116507 0.004 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium sp.
sq116533 0.004 Symbiodinium Symbiodinium minutum

Most saltwater aquaria contain some Dinoflagellates, so the presence of this group should not be interpreted as a problem at low levels. High levels (>5% of the DNA, as a rule of thumb), may suggest a potential problem. Please note that Symbiodinium are included in this category but these are symbiotic, and do not pose any risk to the aquarium.


This sample contained high levels of DNA from diatoms (27.5%)
View all Diatoms
Type Percent of eDNA Group Name
sq56 26.257 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq5051 0.205 Entomoneis Entomoneis sp.
sq58 0.118 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq5114 0.074 Nitzschia Nitzschia sigma
sq115420 0.065 Licmophora Licmophora gracilis
sq35213 0.057 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq20611 0.044 Cylindrotheca Cylindrotheca fusiformis
sq115468 0.044 Nitzschia Nitzschia sigma
sq15583 0.039 Bacillaria Bacillaria paxillifer
sq115485 0.039 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115505 0.035 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115525 0.031 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115526 0.031 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq43730 0.026 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq53159 0.026 Nitzschia Nitzschia cf. 
sq115565 0.026 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115566 0.026 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq16616 0.022 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq84513 0.022 Bacillaria Bacillaria paxillifer
sq82 0.017 Nitzschia Nitzschia sigma
sq32018 0.017 Nitzschia uncultured marine
sq33022 0.017 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq37794 0.017 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq85012 0.017 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115661 0.017 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq33309 0.013 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq48077 0.013 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115752 0.013 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115754 0.013 Entomoneis Entomoneis sp.
sq115758 0.013 Nitzschia Nitzschia sigma
sq31971 0.009 Nitzschia uncultured marine
sq55611 0.009 Cylindrotheca Cylindrotheca fusiformis
sq115895 0.009 Licmophora Licmophora flabellata
sq115897 0.009 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115898 0.009 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115899 0.009 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115900 0.009 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115901 0.009 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq115902 0.009 Nitzschia uncultured marine
sq115903 0.009 Bacillaria Bacillaria paxillifer
sq115906 0.009 Nitzschia uncultured marine
sq32697 0.004 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq43261 0.004 Cylindrotheca Cylindrotheca fusiformis
sq85399 0.004 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq116207 0.004 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq116208 0.004 Navicula uncultured stramenopile
sq116209 0.004 Entomoneis uncultured eukaryote
sq116225 0.004 Entomoneis uncultured eukaryote
sq116236 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq116237 0.004 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq116253 0.004 Entomoneis Entomoneis sp.
sq116254 0.004 Nitzschia Nitzschia sigma
sq116257 0.004 Nitzschia uncultured marine
sq116266 0.004 Cylindrotheca uncultured eukaryote
sq116524 0.004 Sellaphora Sellaphora pupula

Most saltwater aquaria contain some Diatoms, so the presence of this group should not be interpreted as a problem at low levels. High levels (>5% of the DNA, as a rule of thumb), may suggest a potential problem.

Eukaryotic Biodiversity

Diversity (Number of different types) 494
Number of Phyla 29
Number of Classes 49

This graph shows the diversity of each Eukaryotic group in the DNA sample. Each slice represents a different Class, and the size of the slice is proportional to the number of different types in that class. Unidentified sequences lacking any match in public databases are not shown.

Sample Composition

This graph shows the relative abundance of each Eukaryotic group in the DNA sample. Each slice represents a different Class, and the size of the slice is proportional to the fraction of DNA in the sample from that class. Unidentified sequences lacking any match in public databases are not shown.

Complete list of Eukaryotes identified

These tables show all DNA sequences from your sample that we were able to identify based on comparison with public DNA sequence databases. Unknown DNA sequences without any matches in the databases are not shown. “Type” is an arbitrary ID number assigned to each unique sequence found in our database of aquarium samples.

Complete Table
Actinopterygii (Fish)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq1 42.699 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq115369 0.161 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq67099 0.100 Actinopterygii Dicentrarchus labrax
sq115403 0.074 Actinopterygii Dicentrarchus labrax
sq115427 0.048 Actinopterygii Pleuronichthys cornutus
sq115456 0.044 Actinopterygii Anguilla rostrata
sq115457 0.039 Actinopterygii Echiophis punctifer
sq53894 0.035 Actinopterygii Pleuronichthys cornutus
sq115495 0.035 Actinopterygii Neolamprologus brichardi
sq115553 0.026 Actinopterygii Neolamprologus brichardi
sq115554 0.026 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq115555 0.026 Actinopterygii Kaupichthys hyoproroides
sq66925 0.022 Actinopterygii Echiophis punctifer
sq67198 0.022 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq115595 0.022 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq115642 0.017 Actinopterygii Anguilla rostrata
sq4614 0.013 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq66571 0.013 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq66598 0.013 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq67582 0.013 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq115702 0.013 Actinopterygii Anguilla rostrata
sq66523 0.009 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq115703 0.009 Actinopterygii Dicentrarchus labrax
sq115704 0.009 Actinopterygii Dicentrarchus labrax
sq115705 0.009 Actinopterygii Dicentrarchus labrax
sq115839 0.009 Actinopterygii Lates calcarifer
sq115840 0.009 Actinopterygii Lates calcarifer
sq115842 0.009 Actinopterygii Neolamprologus brichardi
sq67039 0.004 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq116048 0.004 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
sq116049 0.004 Actinopterygii Dicentrarchus labrax
sq116050 0.004 Actinopterygii Dicentrarchus labrax
sq116051 0.004 Actinopterygii Dicentrarchus labrax
sq116052 0.004 Actinopterygii Cyprinodon variegatus
sq116056 0.004 Actinopterygii Pleuronichthys cornutus
sq116057 0.004 Actinopterygii Lates calcarifer
sq116059 0.004 Actinopterygii Lates calcarifer
sq116061 0.004 Actinopterygii Maccullochella peelii
The marker used here is not useful for distinguishing between fish species,
so this entire categtory should be interpreted simply as fish DNA.
Agaricomycetes (Fungi)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115438 0.057 Pleurotaceae Pleurotus ostreatus
sq115796 0.013 Boletales Gyroporus cyanescens
sq116517 0.004 Pleurotaceae Pleurotus ostreatus
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq116000 0.009 Ancyromonadida Planomonas brevis
sq116005 0.009 Ancyromonadida Planomonas brevis
sq116509 0.004 Ancyromonadida Planomonas brevis
Anthozoa (Corals, Anemones)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq15268 6.982 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115377 0.127 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115383 0.100 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq2469 0.065 Scleractinia Pavona varians
sq115419 0.065 Corallimorpharia Rhodactis indosinensis
sq115446 0.052 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115454 0.048 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115628 0.022 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115631 0.022 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115632 0.022 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115679 0.017 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115684 0.017 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115792 0.013 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115797 0.013 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115798 0.013 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115799 0.013 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq115994 0.009 Anthozoa Paramuricea sp.
sq115995 0.009 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq116004 0.009 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq116006 0.009 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq116007 0.009 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq116238 0.004 Scleractinia Fungiacyathus marenzelleri
sq116252 0.004 Scleractinia Mycetophyllia aliciae
sq116508 0.004 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq116522 0.004 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
sq116527 0.004 Corallimorpharia Rhodactis indosinensis
sq116534 0.004 Anthozoa Clavularia sp.
The marker used here does not provide species-level resolution for many corals,
so the species names shown here may be incorrect. However these classifications
are typically correct at higher levels e.g. soft corals, LPS, and SPS corals.
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115365 0.227 Aphelidea uncultured eukaryote
sq115442 0.052 Aphelidea uncultured eukaryote
sq115614 0.022 Aphelidea uncultured eukaryote
sq115753 0.013 Aphelidea uncultured eukaryote
sq116246 0.004 Aphelidea uncultured eukaryote
sq116260 0.004 Aphelidea uncultured eukaryote
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq2119 0.218 Apusomonadidae Multimonas koreensis
sq116529 0.004 Apusomonadidae Fabomonas tropica
Arthoniomycetes (Fungi)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115633 0.022 uncultured Phaeococcomycetaceae sp.
sq116516 0.004 uncultured uncultured fungus
Bacillariophyceae (Diatoms)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq56 26.257 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq5051 0.205 Bacillariophyceae Entomoneis sp.
sq58 0.118 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq5114 0.074 Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia sigma
sq35213 0.057 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq20611 0.044 Bacillariophyceae Cylindrotheca fusiformis
sq115468 0.044 Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia sigma
sq15583 0.039 Bacillariophyceae Bacillaria paxillifer
sq115485 0.039 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115505 0.035 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115525 0.031 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115526 0.031 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq43730 0.026 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq53159 0.026 Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia cf. 
sq115565 0.026 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115566 0.026 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq16616 0.022 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq84513 0.022 Bacillariophyceae Bacillaria paxillifer
sq82 0.017 Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia sigma
sq32018 0.017 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq33022 0.017 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq37794 0.017 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq85012 0.017 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115661 0.017 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq33309 0.013 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq48077 0.013 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115752 0.013 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115754 0.013 Bacillariophyceae Entomoneis sp.
sq115758 0.013 Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia sigma
sq31971 0.009 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq55611 0.009 Bacillariophyceae Cylindrotheca fusiformis
sq115897 0.009 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115898 0.009 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115899 0.009 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115900 0.009 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115901 0.009 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115902 0.009 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq115903 0.009 Bacillariophyceae Bacillaria paxillifer
sq115906 0.009 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq32697 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq43261 0.004 Bacillariophyceae Cylindrotheca fusiformis
sq85399 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq116207 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq116208 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured stramenopile
sq116209 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq116225 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq116236 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq116237 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq116253 0.004 Bacillariophyceae Entomoneis sp.
sq116254 0.004 Bacillariophyceae Nitzschia sigma
sq116257 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured marine
sq116266 0.004 Bacillariophyceae uncultured eukaryote
sq116524 0.004 Bacillariophyceae Sellaphora pupula
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115634 0.022 Bicosoecida Caecitellus parvulus
Calcarea (Sponges)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq18 0.903 Leucosolenida Grantiopsis heroni
sq53 0.864 Leucosolenida Aphroceras sp.
sq376 0.842 Clathrinida Clathrina luteoculcitella
sq13348 0.493 Clathrinida Haplosclerida sp.
sq42 0.410 Leucosolenida Grantiopsis heroni
sq254 0.371 Calcarea Leuconia nivea
sq5022 0.074 Clathrinida Clathrina sp.
sq115357 0.061 Clathrinida Leucetta sp.
sq115540 0.031 Clathrinida Leucaltis clathria
sq115643 0.017 Clathrinida Leucetta sp.
sq115664 0.017 Clathrinida Leucetta sp.
sq24971 0.013 Calcarea Leuconia nivea
sq61828 0.013 Leucosolenida Grantiopsis heroni
sq17902 0.009 Leucosolenida Aphroceras sp.
sq115891 0.009 Leucosolenida Aphroceras sp.
sq115893 0.009 Clathrinida Clathrina luteoculcitella
sq115905 0.009 Clathrinida Clathrina luteoculcitella
sq115907 0.009 Leucosolenida Aphroceras sp.
sq116002 0.009 Calcarea Leuconia nivea
sq13341 0.004 Leucosolenida Grantiopsis heroni
sq15809 0.004 Leucosolenida Grantiopsis heroni
sq15822 0.004 Leucosolenida Sycon capricorn
sq51299 0.004 Calcarea Eilhardia schulzei
sq51381 0.004 Leucosolenida Grantiopsis heroni
sq62674 0.004 Clathrinida Soleneiscus radovani
sq116065 0.004 Leucosolenida Grantiopsis heroni
sq116234 0.004 Calcarea Leuconia nivea
sq116244 0.004 Calcarea Eilhardia schulzei
sq116248 0.004 Clathrinida Soleneiscus radovani
sq116249 0.004 Clathrinida Pericharax heteroraphis
sq116250 0.004 Clathrinida Clathrina luteoculcitella
sq116493 0.004 Clathrinida Leucetta sp.
sq116498 0.004 Calcarea Leuconia nivea
sq116526 0.004 Leucosolenida Grantiopsis heroni
sq116531 0.004 Calcarea Leuconia nivea
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq2125 0.061 CV1-B1-93 metagenome
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq116523 0.004 Cercozoa Gromia oviformis
Chrysophyceae (Golden-brown algae)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115361 0.122 Ochromonadales Ochromonas sp.
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq116515 0.004 Coccolithales Isochrysis sp.
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq3590 0.083 Compsopogonales Erythrotrichia carnea
Corallinophycidae (Coralline Algae)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq1875 0.083 Corallinophycidae Melobesioideae sp.
sq6902 0.035 Corallinophycidae uncultured Corallinales
Demospongiae (Sponges)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq1915 0.214 Haplosclerida Haliclona amboinensis
sq116520 0.004 Haplosclerida Haliclona sp.
Diatomea (Diatoms)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115420 0.065 Fragilariales Licmophora gracilis
sq115895 0.009 Fragilariales Licmophora flabellata
Dinophyceae (Dinoflagellates)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq422 0.807 Gymnodiniphycidae uncultured eukaryote
sq25 0.628 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq206 0.349 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq548 0.183 Gymnodiniphycidae Amphidinium sp.
sq20591 0.052 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq107407 0.052 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq6352 0.044 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq979 0.035 Gymnodiniphycidae Amphidinium sp.
sq105823 0.035 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq3921 0.031 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium minutum
sq115587 0.026 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium minutum
sq25298 0.022 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq15899 0.017 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq22887 0.013 Suessiaceae uncultured eukaryote
sq41310 0.013 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq115800 0.013 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq115996 0.009 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq13192 0.004 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq109589 0.004 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq116058 0.004 Suessiaceae uncultured eukaryote
sq116230 0.004 Suessiaceae Pelagodinium beii
sq116233 0.004 Gymnodiniphycidae uncultured eukaryote
sq116496 0.004 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium minutum
sq116503 0.004 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium microadriaticum
sq116507 0.004 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium sp.
sq116533 0.004 Suessiaceae Symbiodinium minutum
Discosea (Amoebae)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq213 0.113 Dactylopodida Paramoeba branchiphila
sq115413 0.065 Vannellida Platyamoeba plurinucleolus
sq115470 0.044 Dactylopodida Paramoeba branchiphila
sq119 0.035 Dactylopodida Paramoeba branchiphila
sq2277 0.026 Dactylopodida Paramoeba branchiphila
sq34561 0.026 Dactylopodida Paramoeba branchiphila
sq552 0.017 Stygamoebida Stygamoeba regulata
sq116063 0.004 Dactylopodida Paramoeba branchiphila
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq272 0.057 Cladosporiaceae Humulus lupulus
sq116062 0.004 Cladosporiaceae Humulus lupulus
sq116241 0.004 Teratosphaeriaceae Catenulostroma chromoblastomycosum
sq116264 0.004 Cladosporiaceae Cladosporium sp.
Embryophyta (Land Plants)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq1173 0.092 Embryophyta Hordeum vulgare
sq115997 0.009 Embryophyta Ananas comosus
sq116263 0.004 Embryophyta Setaria italica
Eurotiomycetes (Fungi)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115368 0.166 Herpotrichiellaceae Capronia pilosella
Gastropoda (Snails)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq538 0.105 Vetigastropoda Turbo cornutus
sq106185 0.009 Vetigastropoda Fissurella nodosa
sq115989 0.009 Vetigastropoda Diodora graeca
sq115990 0.009 Vetigastropoda Fissurella nodosa
sq116218 0.004 Vetigastropoda Turbo cornutus
sq116219 0.004 Vetigastropoda Turbo cornutus
sq116494 0.004 Vetigastropoda Amblychilepas nigrita
sq116495 0.004 Vetigastropoda Macroschisma dilatata
Gymnolaemata (Bryozoan)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115750 0.013 Cheilostomatida Bitectipora retepora
Ichthyosporea (Parasitic Protists)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq6829 0.026 Abeoformidae uncultured eukaryote
sq13651 0.013 Rhinosporideacae uncultured eukaryote
sq116251 0.004 Abeoformidae uncultured eukaryote
Intramacronucleata (Ciliates)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq1119 0.415 Spirotrichea Oxytricha saltans
sq226 0.371 Hypotrichia Holosticha diademata
sq34400 0.214 Hypotrichia Uronychia transfuga
sq34361 0.148 Haptoria Litonotus sp.
sq2599 0.083 Oligohymenophorea Zoothamnium duplicatum
sq4955 0.083 Euplotia Aspidisca hexeris
sq2170 0.079 Hypotrichia Holosticha diademata
sq34413 0.065 Oligohymenophorea Cohnilembus verminus
sq3926 0.061 Haptoria Loxophyllum sp.
sq4844 0.057 Choreotrichia Strombidinopsis batos
sq2794 0.052 Phyllopharyngea uncultured marine
sq115467 0.044 Oligohymenophorea Zoothamnium duplicatum
sq218 0.031 Oligohymenophorea Uronema marinum
sq1505 0.031 Oligotrichia Strombidium sulcatum
sq115527 0.031 Hypotrichia uncultured eukaryote
sq115539 0.031 Oligohymenophorea Zoothamnium duplicatum
sq115593 0.022 Phyllopharyngea Pseudochilodonopsis sp.
sq115594 0.022 Phyllopharyngea uncultured eukaryote
sq1947 0.017 Euplotia uncultured eukaryote
sq115680 0.017 Oligohymenophorea Glauconema trihymene
sq115831 0.009 Haptoria Litonotus sp.
sq115835 0.009 Hypotrichia Uronychia transfuga
sq115836 0.009 Hypotrichia Uronychia transfuga
sq115837 0.009 Oligohymenophorea uncultured eukaryote
sq115841 0.009 Hypotrichia Holosticha diademata
sq115991 0.009 Oligohymenophorea Glauconema trihymene
sq112273 0.004 Oligohymenophorea Zoothamnium duplicatum
sq116044 0.004 Hypotrichia Holosticha diademata
sq116045 0.004 Hypotrichia Holosticha diademata
sq116046 0.004 Hypotrichia Uronychia transfuga
sq116055 0.004 Spirotrichea Oxytricha saltans
sq116232 0.004 Oligohymenophorea Mesanophrys carcini
sq116497 0.004 Oligohymenophorea Glauconema trihymene
Kinetoplastea (Protists)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq7304 0.039 Neobodonida Neobodo designis
Labyrinthulomycetes (Fungus-like Protists)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq4988 0.140 Thraustochytriaceae uncultured eukaryote
sq115399 0.079 Thraustochytriaceae Thraustochytrium sp.
sq813 0.061 Labyrinthulomycetes Stellarchytrium dubum
sq7277 0.044 Thraustochytriaceae Thraustochytrium multirudimentale
sq32911 0.022 Thraustochytriaceae uncultured eukaryote
sq4050 0.009 Labyrinthulomycetes Aplanochytrium stocchinoi
sq55842 0.004 Thraustochytriaceae Thraustochytrium multirudimentale
sq116223 0.004 Thraustochytriaceae Oblongichytrium sp.
sq116224 0.004 Thraustochytriaceae Oblongichytrium sp.
Malacostraca (Crustaceans)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq1377 0.026 Malacostraca Mysis oculata
Malasseziomycetes (Fungi)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq1118 0.052 Malasseziaceae Malassezia restricta
Maxillopoda (Crustaceans)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115458 0.044 Harpacticoida uncultured eukaryote
sq111473 0.035 Harpacticoida Ameira scotti
sq115552 0.026 Harpacticoida uncultured eukaryote
sq115613 0.022 Harpacticoida Phyllothalestris sp.
sq67762 0.009 Maxillopoda Bryocamptus stillae
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq2098 0.031 Capsalidae Capsala martinieri
Nemaliophycidae (Green Algae)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq2736 0.052 Nemaliophycidae Audouinella dasyae
Perkinsidae (Parasitic Protists)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115686 0.017 A31 uncultured alveolate
Peronosporomycetes (Fungi)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq13274 0.223 Peronosporomycetes Olpidiopsis sp.
sq1127 0.118 Peronosporomycetes Haliphthoros sp.
sq1600 0.065 Peronosporomycetes Lagenidium sp.
sq71271 0.061 Peronosporomycetes Atkinsiella dubia
sq2896 0.022 Peronosporomycetes Lagenidium sp.
sq116525 0.004 Peronosporomycetes Atkinsiella dubia
Phaeophyceae (Brown Algae)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq423 0.698 Ectocarpales Scytosiphon lomentaria
sq128 0.087 Ectocarpales Halothrix ambigua
sq32527 0.083 Ectocarpales Scytosiphon lomentaria
sq25117 0.079 Ectocarpales Scytosiphon lomentaria
sq32753 0.052 Ectocarpales Scytosiphon lomentaria
sq67043 0.026 Ectocarpales Scytosiphon lomentaria
sq115751 0.013 Phaeophyceae Desmarestia viridis
sq116001 0.009 Ectocarpales Scytosiphon lomentaria
sq94090 0.004 Phaeophyceae Desmarestia viridis
sq116205 0.004 Ectocarpales Tribonema marinum
sq116206 0.004 Ectocarpales Scytosiphon lomentaria
sq116221 0.004 Ectocarpales Scytosiphon lomentaria
sq116258 0.004 Ectocarpales Scytosiphon lomentaria
Polychaeta (Worms)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq214 0.589 Sabellida Spirorbis spirorbis
sq1586 0.375 Sabellida Vermiliopsis infundibulum
sq1913 0.257 Sabellida Vermiliopsis infundibulum
sq1322 0.048 Spionida Cirratulus spectabilis
sq820 0.035 Sabellida Neodexiospira steueri
sq115612 0.022 Eunicida Ninoe nigripes
sq53204 0.009 Spionida Boccardiella ligerica
sq115992 0.009 Sabellida Vermiliopsis infundibulum
sq116235 0.004 Spionida Boccardiella ligerica
sq116243 0.004 Sabellida Spirorbis spirorbis
sq116499 0.004 Palpata_Incertae_Sedis Paranerilla limicola
sq116504 0.004 Spionida Tharyx sp.
Prasinophytae (Green Algae)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq115683 0.017 Prasinococcales Chlorophyta sp.
Prymnesiophyceae (Algae)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq216 0.052 Prymnesiales Prymnesium calathiferum
sq115682 0.017 Prymnesiales Prymnesium parvum
sq115999 0.009 Prymnesiales Prymnesium calathiferum
sq116530 0.004 Prymnesiales uncultured eukaryote
Rhabditophora (Nematodes)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq60770 0.175 Macrostomida Myozonariinae sp.
sq115706 0.013 Macrostomida Myozonariinae sp.
Rhodymeniophycidae (Red algae)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name
sq13275 0.144 Rhodymeniophycidae Peyssonnelia sp.
Saccharomycetes ( Yeasts)
Type Percent of eDNA Family Name