Screen Your Fish and Aquarium for Disease

DNA sequencing makes it possible to screen for all the most common diseases of saltwater fish at once. In March 2020 we are beginning a Public Beta Test for this service  – read on to learn how you can get involved. 

How do you test for diseases?

Clients sample environmental DNA from their aquariums and directly from the fish with a custom sampling kit, then ship the samples back to us for testing. 

While the standard microbiome test already identified bacterial pathogens, this new test targets a wide range of eukaryotic parasites responsible for common diseases in saltwater fish (e.g. Cryptocaryon irritans, Amyloodinium ocellatum, or Uronema marinum). 

This test uses DNA sequencing just like our standard microbiome test. From the client’s perspective it works very much the same – we just process the samples differently in the lab. 

What do Beta Testers do?

  • Sample a newly purchased or sick fish, and the aquarium housing that fish, using a custom sampling kit we provide. 
  • Ship these samples back to us using a prepaid envelope included with the kits.
  • Monitor and record the fate of their fish in our online database, after sampling.
  • View their test results when notified by email.  

How can I enroll in the Beta Test?

Enroll in the Beta Test by purchasing a microbiome test at a 30% discount using the coupon code SICKFISH (available for a limited time only). 

All clients ordering a microbiome test using this coupon will be enrolled in the Beta Test, receiving:

  1. The microbiome test at a 30% discount, and
  2. The experimental disease test for FREE

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